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Charly Proudly Made in NZ

Charlotte began testing her knitwear in 2015 after falling in love with the luxurious softness of the Possum blended fibers. The lockdown in 2020 forced countries to pause their production lines. The positive effect this stop had on the environment inspired her to come up with a plan, of how not to contribute to this any further. So after 6 long years of research, consistent wear and durability tests,  she established NZ Charly knitwear from her family's lifestyle block in sunny little Gisborne. 

Her passion for quality over quantity, sustainability, environmental protection and her commitment to supporting New Zealand made, are the core of the company's values.

She creates garments that can be worn with anything, at any time and in any situation. Something that is one of a kind, treasured by the owner and makes you feel special every single time you wear it.  

Environmental Protection

Her Merino is ZQ certified and sourced from partnering farms around NZ. The fibers are sent to Wellington where they are blended and transformed into the yarn she uses to knit. She partners with AUT to use their state of the art, zero waste, machines. This allows her to remove bulky seams and to only use the amount of yarn necessary for each item.

This means no offcuts ending up in landfills and allows her to manufacture in an ethical and sustainable way.

She carefully selects her manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the entire process is NZ made, with ethical working conditions for all. 

Zero Waste

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years she has seen the incredible amounts of waste that are produced in the process from manufacture to retailer.

She cares deeply about how they produce and believes it is collectively the industry's responsibility to make sustainable and environmentally friendly options available. By only putting sustainable and high-quality items into the market, we can change fast fashion and leave the world better for future generations.

She is proud to have an established relationship with Perino who ethically source and produce her yarn as well as AUT where she studied and now manufacture. The 3 step process she uses, allows her to have full control over every aspect of the manufacturing process and to make the best choices in terms of sustainability and environmental impact. She strives to create and maintain a short, zero-waste process that supports 100% local.